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Thematic Learning


This part of our curriculum takes children’s learning out of the classroom. With a choice of a different theme each term, children explore areas of self and social awareness and environmental awareness as they embark on discovery of the world around them.

The approach we adopt here is Inquiry-Based Learning, where children generate their own questions according to their curiosities or interests, which they then investigate.  This method, which is based on constructivist theory by Jerome Bruner, is not only fun but is highly motivating for children and it encourages collaboration, as well. Discovery learning takes place in problem solving situations and children draw on past experiences and existing knowledge to construct new knowledge. As children take ownership of their own learning, they learn about responsibility too.  Teachers don’t simply tell children what they should know, but instead they engage children in exploring and uncovering the information together in a more meaningful way.

 With themes pertaining to nature science, social science and the community, we instil in children a healthy respect for our world. Integrated into thematic learning are Art and Craft projects and hands-on activities when creative expression is fostered. To make the learning real, and to grow a sense of wonder and discovery, field trips are planned .

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