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English Language

English is taught in a graduated program where children are equipped with skills to emerge as independent readers. Together with phonics as the core of our English programme, the recognition of sight words is also covered.

At Nursery level, we lay the foundation with the learning of Phonics. This alphabetic code of English is taught using multisensory methods. Language development is nurtured through stories, songs, rhymes and games.

English lessons at K1 equips the children with the ability to decode words and blend sounds, promoting independent reading and thereby paving the way for mastery of the language as a tool for further learning. At this stage, children are encouraged to use their phonics skills in simple Word Building Exercises.

At K2, Grammar is introduced and more complex aspects of phonics are also covered. The children are trained to employ language skills in areas of creative writing, reading comprehension and problem solving. 

English Language proficiency is key to effective learning in other areas like Math and Science. Our English program strives to ensure school readiness, enabling our children to comfortably face the challenges of their next phase of schooling.

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