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News & Events

K1's Tour of a Farm

The K1 children enjoyed exploring the theme of farm animals during the farm tour. Engaging in concrete, hands-on activities reinforces their knowledge of the animals and the farm.

Our Outing to the Zoo

Join our Nursery, K1 and K2 children as they discovered animals from various habitats and bade a final farewell to Inuka, Singapore's very own locally bred polar bear. 

K1 Road Safety Exploration

Check out how our K1 children delved deeper into the theme of transportation by exploring road safety!

Special thanks to the Singapore Traffic Police for the fun experience.


Registration for Nursery 2020 

Priority Registration: 8-19 February 2019

Pulic Registration: 20 Feb 2019 onwards

*Children born in 2015 may apply. 

For enrollment into 2019 K1 & K2 classes, please contact us to enquire.

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