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What our parents say about us... ...


" After graduating from JCK, Ethan has grown interest in Math and Science. He loves reading and he likes reading Young Scientists magazine. From Primary 1, his Math got top marks, including his Chinese (as JCK has high standard in Chinese Education). And by the time he goes to Primary 3. he top the school Science and is ranked top 3 in class. Thank you for nurturing Ethan who loves to discover things, finds interest in Math and Science. 

The leadership and management in self-discipline taught in JCK makes him a role leader in class e.g. class monitor, line monitor. Moreover, he is able to debate, give good suggestions and do presentations with confidence in school.

A comprehensive early childhood education allows them to advance more on the social life and learning in primary school. I strongly support JCK in the love and passion of teaching the little ones.

Mummy of Ethan Lok (2015)

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