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What our parents say about us...


Truly appreciative for JCK in bringing out the best in Kaycie. We were worried as she had a previous phobia at playschool and thus, it took us sometime to research for a school that not only seek to teach but to nurture. We were looking for a holistic programme that can support her growing needs, not purely academic needs but social, emotional, spiritual, physical as well as develop confidence and creativity. JCK has achieved what we were looking for. Most of all, the team of dedicated educators is what makes a difference to her first official schooling experience.

From a shy and reserved girl, Kaycie is now vocal and confident. She can share her opinions confidently. Most of all, she enjoys going to school and comes home to talk about the daily learning experiences. She loves her teachers and would tell us that she wants to stay at JCK forever. I think this is the success of a school that has truly made learning enjoyable! 

Shanice and Gabriel,

Parents of Kaycie Ng (2022)

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